human futures

Part of the wonder of being human is that we love to look back, to live now and to dream of our futures. In each case, our challenge is to see reality from fiction, to work out what is really true as opposed to what we hope to be the case.

Looking into the future has real issues. Humans are partly defined by our search for change and a thirst for a better life. The last decades have given an explosion of tools and techniques that have transformed the lives of billions of people. Apart from anything, they have enabled billions of us to exist.

But the challenge is to be critically analytical in looking at arguments and ideas. Once someone has introduced two or more ‘ifs’ into a sentence, you know you are heading into uncharted, uncertain and unpredictable territory. Eg. “If computer power keeps doubling and if our understanding of the brain increases then…”

My aim here is to be clear. First to grasp the full capability of human beings – and secondly to see how the technologies that are coming on stream in the near future can shape and reshape our lifes, as individuals, as communities and as a species.