The new killer germs

6th Mar 2006

The new killer germs

What you need to know about deadly diseases of the twenty-first century

Including: Avian flu; MRSA; SARS; Anthrax; Ebola; Legionnaire’s disease; Monkey pox; vCJD and many many more!

AsĀ Flu viruses spread around the world and the number of people dying from hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA rises yearly, the possibility of another plague has become a terrifying prospect. To an extent this is nothing new. Throughout history, new and emergent diseases have threatened human health. They are capable of breaking out and killing millions, and despite huge scientific advances we struggle to keep one step ahead of these killer germs.

But there is also a new element. World leaders are currently fighting on two fronts. First they need contingency plans that can cope with another pandemic. But secondly they are engaged in a more publicised war against global terrorism. The fear is that these two could become a single issue with an unprecedented and devastating combination terror campaigns and biological warfare.

The New Killer Germs reviews most of the major biological agents of disease, explores the history of outbreaks, points to the most insidious strains on the horizon, and explores the likelihood of deliberate contamination. From anthrax to smallpox and SARS to West Nile virus, The New Killer Germs examines current developments in resistance and genetic engineering. It is a must-have guide to understanding some of society’s greatest fears.